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This mod works with Nightlife.

Get Off Your Ass!

DESCRIPTION: Sims are much less likely to just sit around doing nothing.

Less Primping

DESCRIPTION: Sims will no longer autonomously do the Primp action if they have high hygiene (since it doesn't help), low hygiene (since they should be showering) or are vampires (since it hurts them).

Teen Adult Privacy Fix

DESCRIPTION: Teen and adult sims no longer chase each other out of the bathroom if they have crush/love for each other.

Bigger Families

DESCRIPTION: Allows an unlimited number of sims on the lot. Yeah I know there are a zillion mods like this. Well, this is mine.

Updated to correctly process pet pregnancies in large houses.


DESCRIPTION: Allows you to use aspiration points to change a sim's personality.

Updated to allow changes in either direction, and to take correct payment for partial points.

No Command Reaction

DESCRIPTION: Sims will no longer waste time reacting (positively or negatively) to user commands. This includes killing the sulky stairs walk which always made me want to give them a slap (ala Dungeon Keeper) so they'd move faster.

No Table Platters

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer put serving platters on eating surfaces such as dining tables or counter islands.

No Home Buskers

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer place tip jars when doing the Perform action with instruments on a residential lot. Sims also will not choose Play for Tips with the violin. Tip jars will be placed if performing on a commercial lot, dorm, frat house or secret society.

Updated to work correctly in apartments.

Put Homework Down

DESCRIPTION: Sims look for an empty desk to put homework on rather than all rushing for The One Desk. Includes homework from public/private school and from university.

Updated for Apartment Life.

Turn On/Turn Off Selection

DESCRIPTION: Implements a more rationale approach to selection of turn ons and turn offs, which I collectively call TOs.

Updated to add witches.

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