General Behavior

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Walk This Way

DESCRIPTION: Sims will always walk rather than run when given the "Go Here" command.

Stop Kissing Me

DESCRIPTION: Sims will no longer kiss when greeting or saying goodbye unless the relationship is crush or love.

More Composting

DESCRIPTION: Causes anyone headed for the outdoor trash can to head for an available compost bin instead. This works for playable sims, maids, or anyone else.

Update to fix a bug introduced by my last bug fix.

No Hyperactive Children

DESCRIPTION: Children will no longer be in run mode after aging up from toddler.

Leave Business

DESCRIPTION: When you close a business, your customers will frikking leave already!

Updated so it won't chase off business owner.

Soccer Quit Fix

DESCRIPTION: Similar to Basketball Quit Fix, sims won't insist on walking all the way over to the soccer net if you cancel the command.

Update to to fix jump bug introduced by last update.

Put Paper Down

DESCRIPTION: Sims will be smarter about where to put down newspapers when finished with them.

Update so sims put newspaper on table rather than the floor when canceling newspaper commands.

Sibling Torment

DESCRIPTION: Noogie and Torment are negative actions which reduce relationship, but raise the instigator's Social.

Stay Means Stay

DESCRIPTION: "Say Goodbye To.../Everyone" no longer chases off Bon Voyage house guests or sims who have been asked to sleep over.

Stuff Your Fat Face

DESCRIPTION: The "Stuff Face" fridge interaction adds fat points regardless of the sim's hunger level.

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