Spirit Eater Alignment Changes

Restores the alignment shifts for spirit eater actions.

Spirit eater feats now carry the following 1-point alignment shifts:

Bestow Life Force: Good
Devour Soul: Evil
Eternal Rest: Good
Ravenous Incarnation: Chaotic Evil
Spirit Gorge: Evil
Suppress: Lawful Good

I also included my Alignment Changes modifications (larger shifts and xp bonus) in these shifts. You will still need the Alignment Changes mod if you want those features on other alignment shifts.

I've read the arguments on why Suppress shouldn't be LG and though I agree with them, I'm way too lazy to come up with a better system. If it bugs you, just delete the two nx_s2_suppress files.


MASK OF THE BETRAYER: This is what it was designed for

STORM OF ZEHIR: No effect.

THIRD PARTY MODULES: Should work as advertised if the module uses spirit eater feats. Otherwise no effect.