Alignment Changes

In-game alignment shifts carry additional penalties and rewards beyond denying you certain classes

Characters who commit acts opposed to their alignment (e.g. a Chaotic character doing a Lawful act) will have the alignment shift increased. For example, a minor Lawful act will adjust a Lawful or Neutral character's alignment 1 point but a Chaotic character will take a 3-point Lawful shift.

The alignment shift scale is as follows: 1 point -> 3 points -> 10 points -> 70 points. Be careful - there are a few 10-point shifts in the game which will be kicked up to 70 pointers if they are opposed to your normal alignment.

However the good news is once you hit the end of the alignment scale, alignment shifts now give you experience at a rate of 25 xp per alignment point. So once you are fully Evil with an alignment of 0, a 3-point evil act will give you 75 xp. In my experience, even aggressively seeking out alignment opportunities gives about 10,000 xp over the course of the original campaign or about half a level which I don't consider imbalancing.

The downside of this is characters who are Neutral on either axis get screwed out of the extra experience because I wasn't able to think of a good system to reward them. Neutral means too many different things to come up with a simple system like "every time you cross the 50 line".

I strongly advise you to get OC Dialog Fixes because I fixed a ton of alignment mistakes which will hurt you under this system.

ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN: Works as advertised. There are a couple of alignment changes which don't use the standard alignment routines (such as robbing Hagen's chest) so don't get either the benefits or penalties of this system.

MASK OF THE BETRAYER: Also works as advertised. There are several alignment changes which bypass the normal system, such as helping Shape of Fire, but again not enough to hunt them down.

STORM OF ZEHIR: Sort of doesn't work. There are very few alignment changes here and those that exist affect the currently selected character rather than the PC. So a few of your companions will get xp bonuses the rest of the party doesn't get, but seldom enough for me to fix it.

THIRD PARTY MODULES: Should work the same way in any third-party modules.

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