ReBoot Music Videos

When I moved this site to a new host I didn't bother including my music videos. However I've seen some searches for them so I've put them up here with brief descriptions. All of these are zipped DVD-quality videos (720x480 resolution).

___ReBoot Music Videos___

Ave Daemon
A propaganda video about the supervirus Daemon
Music: "Ave Maria, Op. 52 No. 6" from the movie Fantasia
Written by Franz Schubert
Soloist: Julietta Novis

Viruses Are Beautiful
A tongue in cheek tribute to the villains of ReBoot
Music: "Beautiful" from the album Stripped
Written by Linda Perry ©2003
Performed by Christina Aguilera

The Many Faces of Dot Matrix
A video honoring the many moods of Dot Matrix
Music: "Bitch" from the album Blurring the Edges
Written by Meredith Brooks, Shelly Peiken ©1997
Performed by Meredith Brooks

Hexadecimal Brought To Life
The transformation of Hexadecimal from villain to hero
Music: "Bring Me to Life" from the album Fallen
Written by Ben Moody, Amy Lee and David Hodges ©2002
Performed by Evanescence

It's Matrix's Life
Unfinished first draft (about 2/3 done) about Matrix
Music: "It's My Life" from the album Crush
Written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Jay Orpin and Max Martin ©2000
Performed by Bon Jovi

Mouse: Simply Irresistable
Unfinished first draft (about 1/3 done) about Mouse
Music: "Simply Irresistible" from the album Heavy Nova
Written by Robert Palmer ©1988
Performed by Robert Palmer

___Non-ReBoot Music Videos___

Stand By Your Spaceman
Concept draft, using video from the computer game "The Movies"
Sometimes it's hard to be a woman - especially if you are fighting off an alien invasion
Music: "Stand by Your Man" from the album Stand by Your Man
Written by Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill ©1968
Performed by Tammy Wynette

Maria Rose
A video I created for my niece on her 2nd birthday
Music: "Birthday" from the The White Album
Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney ©1968
Performed by The Beatles