SOZ Party Skills

In Storm of Zehir merchant dialogs and overland travel, the game will automatically use the best skill in the party regardless of who is currently selected.

So as I understand it, the world of Storm of Zehir works like this:

The group slowly faded into consciousness. As they got their bearings, Chir said, "Whoa! Game restored. I wonder what killed us."

"Probably them," Umoja said, pointing through the jungle.

"Who?" said Perry the PC, peering intently in the direction the druid indicated.

"Trolls. A large band of them and, judging by the red number over their heads, too tough for us to handle."

Perry continued to search the horizon but finally shrugged. "I don't see them so they don't exist."

"They're right there," Umoja insisted, "and moving toward us."

Inshula snorted. "I can't see them either."

"Yeah, but your senses are pretty poor for a ranger," Perry taunted.

"Ha! Says the fighter who can only taunt and intimidate."

"They're getting closer," Umoja said urgently.

"Quick," said Inshula. "Make me party leader and we can slip into the jungle undetected."

"No," Perry said. "I want to check my inventory first."

"Can't that wait until we get to town? We need to hide."

Perry furrowed his brow for a moment and then brightened. "I know. If I can't see them, they don't exist. So let's all just close our eyes and we'll be safe."

Inshula shook her head and sighed, "That's not how it works. Let me lead and we'll-"

"No! I'm party leader and I say we're going to close our eyes to avoid the monsters!"

Chir was studying some markings on a nearby rock which indicated there was treasure buried nearby. She didn't bother speaking up because she knew Perry wouldn't listen and they never made her party leader anyway.

Suddenly the trolls burst into the clearing and charged the party, bellowing and shaking their fists. "Hey!" Perry said brightly. "Now I see them."

Inshula fired her crossbow at the lead troll while Umoja chanted a spell. Perry closed his eyes, stuck his fingers in his ears and started to chant "la, la, la" very loudly. Chir turned to Lastri and sighed, "Sometimes I miss my days in prison waiting my turn to be the entree."

Lastri nodded agreement gloomily as she drew her weapon. She stared at it in puzzlement. "You know, the salesman said this was a rapier but I'm beginning to think it's just a short sword."

"One problem at a time, captain," Chir said as fire streaked from her fingertips toward the trolls. "One problem at a time."

Seems a bit silly to me. This mod will pick the best Listen, Spot, etc. for parties moving on the overland map. This will affect monster detection, monster avoidance, goodie detection, and secret location detection. It also chooses the best Appraise skill when opening a merchant's store.

Side effect: You will find every goodie on the map and there are lots of them. I suggest Fewer Goodies to help with the problem.

Another side effect: You no longer see the skill roll, which means you can't judge the DC of the checks you are making.

ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN: The overland changes won't matter but it's possible the game will select the best Appraise in the party when it opens a store - I haven't checked since I thought of that just as I was writing this.


STORM OF ZEHIR: This is what it was designed for.

THIRD PARTY MODULES: Should work in modules which use an SOZ-like overland map. The Appraise feature might work in stores in any module if it works that way in the OC.

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