Initial Influence

When you first meet a companion, initial influence is set to a value based on the PC's Charisma and their relative alignments.

Initial influence is set to the PC's Charisma bonus and adjusted by +2 for each alignment axis the characters are in agreement and -2 for each axis they are opposed. Only non-Neutral alignments are considered.

For example, a CH 12 Lawful Good character would get an initial influence of 1 with a True Neutral character (CH bonus only), 3 with Neutral Good or Lawful Neutral, 5 with Lawful Good, -1 with Neutral Evil and a -3 with Chaotic Evil companions.

In MOTB, these adjustments are scaled appropriately to fit the new influence system.

Other mods that go along well with this one are Chaotic Neeshka and Influence Adjustment.

ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN: Download the OC version to give the changes as listed.

MASK OF THE BETRAYER: Download the MOTB version to get the version scaled for MOTB.

STORM OF ZEHIR: No effect since SOZ doesn't use influence.

THIRD PARTY MODULES: No effect unless the module uses a character name from one of the other campaigns. This mod looks for character tags so if you play a module which has a companion named Khelgar or Neeshka, for example, you will get the initial influence. Module authors are welcome to include this in their own mods.

NOTE: You need to download both mods if you want the initial influence effect in both the OC and MOTB. They work independently of each other.

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