40 - Epilogue

Witchcraft was reviewing reports on PSI activity in the city when Defender came into her office. "A courier just dropped this off!" he announced as he handed her an envelope.

"Thank you," she said absently as she took it. She glanced it, intending to toss it in her in box but noticed the return address was Vibora Bay. Curious, she tore it open. Inside was a single sheet of paper with a handwritten letter.

Dear Witchcraft,

I'm writing this as we are preparing to head into Therakiel's Temple. I'm not sure how things are going to turn out but if you are reading this then I guess the world didn't end and there are a few things I should say.

If I survive this, I won't be coming back to Millennium City. If you think about it I imagine you can figure out why. But there's more. Being away has made me realize some things. The city is my home but I think it's also preventing me from getting beyond who I am. Besides, you already have a kickass fire chick to beat up the bad guys. You don't need another.

It's probably best that you don't tell anyone what you know about this, as little as it is. Juryrig still isn't sure it's safe but more than that it would simply complicate things. In particular, don't tell a certain hot-tempered ex-gang member. If I ever decide she needs to know about me, then I'll tell her myself.

I don't know where I am headed from here. And I don't know if you'll hear from me again. I need to make my own way for a while. But whatever path I take, it's better than the path I was on before I met you. I'm not really good at sentimentality but I hope you know how grateful I am to you. You've been my teacher, my friend, my sister. You've helped me be a better person, a better spellcaster and a better hero.

Yeah, you heard me. I used the h-word. As uncomfortable as I still am with that title, I've finally come to realize it's not about capes and parades. It's about action and sacrifice and responsibility. I can't imagine I'll ever be half the hero you are but I can be the best whatever-the-hell-I-am I can be.

Although I'm leaving, you know I'll come back if you ever need my help. I don't know how you'll contact me since you won't know where I am but, hey, you're a witch. You'll figure something out.

Take care of yourself and keep our mutual friend on the straight and narrow for me. She needs you more than she'll ever admit.

There was no name at the bottom of the letter, only a scorch mark.

Defender had watched her read the letter. "Bad news?" he asked worriedly.

Witchcraft wiped away a tear as she looked up. "No. Very good news, actually."

"Oh?" He reached for the letter but she pulled it away from him. She muttered a spell and the paper burst into flame and turned to ash. Defender cocked his head. "You going to explain that?"

"No," she said coyly. "Just an old friend catching up with me."

---- THE END ----