Author's Notes

Cole, incidentally, is Robert Caliburn's original last name per the wiki. I figured Cataclysm would, as a friend of Witchcraft's, have heard of Caliburn though not necessarily have met him. Valerian Scarlet would need to hide who Cataclysm was really fighting.

I had considered writing a chapter describing Cataclysm uniting the gangs against Takofanes, but decided against it. She didn't really play any of the Blood Moon events and ultimately I didn't see that it needed anything more than a reference.

Lots of leveling since it's been so long since her last chapter.

  • Level 31 - Immolation 2 (Active Offense), The Rush Of Battle 2 (gain health after defeating enemies).
  • Level 32 - Fire Shield (block power, giving her a chance to heal a little), The Rush Of Battle 3
  • Level 33 - Immolation 3, Initiative 1 (Energy Builder lower target's Damage Resistance)
  • Level 34 - Initiative 2
  • Level 35 - Teleportation (my RP explanation is she gains the ability to travel from one open flame to another via the Plane of Fire), Heat Wave (maintain that paralyzes and damages), Heat Wave Engulfing Flames (lowers attack damage but reduces targets Fire Resistance), Mass Destruction 1 (more criticals from AOEs)
  • Level 36 - Mass Destruction 2
  • Level 37 - Conflagration 3, Mass Destruction 3
  • Level 38 - Flashfire (creates fire patch, her last power), Offensive Expertise 1 (faster AO cooldown)

Valerian Scarlet proves to be a False Friend, revealing herself once Cataclysm has Outlived Her Usefulness.