Author's Notes

I should say that Cataclysm's attitude towards the medical profession is (mostly) not shared by me. I've certainly met doctors and nurses like this, but they are the exception. Cataclysm's just crotchety.

I have a niece with extensive disabilities, including cerebral palsy, so a lot of this is based on the kind of PT and hospital stays she's had. I also have a friend who was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident -- he's the poster child for safety equipment -- so I based some of that on his recovery. Finally, I live in Arizona so we heard a lot about the rehabilitation of Gabby Giffords, the congresswoman who was shot through the head. I merged all three of those to give me an idea of what this kind of recovery would be like.

The "doctors too negative, PTs to positive" comment is from one of my niece's PTs.

Since this is all outside normal game play, no leveling to talk about.

TV Tropes is down right this second so I'll have to remember to add this later.