Author's Notes

As mentioned in the narrative I'm trying something new to get myself to finish this. When writing a story, it's easy to write the exciting scenes but it's hard to write the filler connecting them. So I'm going to dispense with the filler. Only 1-2 people are reading this story and they are coming from the CO forums, so they know the plot already despite my tweaks on it. I'm unhappy doing things this way because it means I also eliminate some character development and exposition opportunities, but the alternative is to do nothing.

I've mapped out the key scenes and it looks like a total of 39-40 chapters, depending on one particular chapter that I might have to split into two. Again no idea on time frame but probably faster than if I wrote the whole story instead of just the fun parts.

I didn't mention this before, but that whole "gate to Fire" thing was originally just a random thing I did to have an excuse for her to be strong enough beat someone as powerful as Menton. However arguably that could be considered a manifestation of Locus in the Guardian tree, which she does have, so I figured I'll keep it as part of her power.

Some of the inspiration this chapter goes back to chapter 15 where Cataclysm said, "And I've always wondered what would happen if we ended up on the opposite side of things." That was a throwaway line but it stuck with me. I thought it was important for her to backslide and DEMON seemed like an ideal temptation.

I got level 26 in this time frame and grabbed Fireball as a new power. I took Unstable Accelerant on Fireball so it gives a fire damage debuff to targets; it's pretty useless other than that, other than possibly as an alpha strike. I also took The Best Defense 2.

Witchcraft shows up to say, "What The Hell, Hero? You Used To Be A Pupil Of Mine Until You Turned To Evil. More than that We Used To Be Friends." Cataclysm struggles with the Friend Or Idol Decision but the Power of Friendship wins out.