Author's Notes

Psychotic - no link because she is a nemesis.
Black Shepherd [no wiki page, a member of DEMON]

Rather than the overly simplistic museum from the game I used a map of Cranbrook Institute of Science, a real natural history museum located about 20 miles NW of the one in the game. I took a few liberties with the design (like ignoring the main entrance) for a better story.

The real battle against Psychotic was nowhere near that dramatic. With my other characters, the first nemesis battle is usually challenging. However Psychotic charged at me, got stuck on a chair and then threw weak little shuriken until I killed her. Quite annoying.

It occurred to me as I played the Downtown arc that she would be tempted by DEMON. Her attitude towards power is more like their than like Witchcraft's. The plan was to have her do the DEMON arc but from the other side, working with them. Spoiler alert--she does the right thing in the end.

TROPES (partial)
Zoe returns more evil than ever because Cybernetics Eats Your Soul. Cataclysm fights her and has a Post-Victory Collapse. It ends with her making a Deal With The Devil.

[Style note: Just to be picky, the trope page is grammatically incorrect. It says "Cybernetics Eat..." rather than "...Eats...". Cybernetics is a science like Physics so is a singular noun. You can't say I have "one cybernetic". So "eats" is the correct verb.]