Author's Notes


Witchcraft's attack on Menton reflects the one time I used one of those Champions companion devices. I bought a Witchcraft 3-charge one just for RP, never intending to use it. When I fought Scylla in the mission "Breaking Point" I just could not beat her. I wasn't even coming close. So I decided I had to call on Witchcraft. I clicked it, there was a confusing rush of arcane energies and the battle was over in a split second. I stood there, confused figuring it was some kind of bug. Then I scrolled back in the combat log and went, "Witchcraft did HOW much damage? Holy crap!" Yeah those things are crazy overpowered.

TROPES (partial)
Menton tries to Break Her By Talking but she says, "Shut Up, Hannibal!". Being a telepath he resorts to Mind Rape to bring about a Heroic BSOD, interrupted as Maronni uses the power suppressors. Realistically there is no way Cataclysm could beat someone as powerful as Menton, unless she develops New Powers As The Plot Demands.