Author's Notes


So I got the whiny "nobody loves a telepath" speech in after all.

I wish I knew what the PnP Stronghold looked like. The game one doesn't really make sense to me, plus the ability to sneak around a horde of villains picking targets is silly. I have the original Stronghold rules from 1981 but it's a much smaller facility than the one in the current ruleset. So I created one out of my own head, and we got to see only a tiny part of it anyhow.

This chapter took me a long time to figure out. The last one and the next one were in my head for weeks but I couldn't figure out how to link them. A simple "let's blast a few villains" thing is boring. I needed to find a way to make it relevant to her character. I had actually dismissed the possibility of an encounter with Talisman because Cataclysm wouldn't be able to beat my story version of her, who is stronger than both the MMO and the PnP versions of her. However having a setup where it is to neither woman's benefit to fight works.

TROPES (partial)
Not done yet, other than Maronni noting that telepathy is the "Worst. Superpower. Ever."