Author's Notes

Isabella Maronni [no wiki page]

The entire Stronghold arc is a little silly. For example:

  • Why would a hero from Millennium City deal with it? Don't they have anybody in New Mexico? Or Texas, Arizona, Colorado or a bunch of other states closer?
  • Why would a supervillain prison contain a bunch of trash prisoners who have clearly have no powers?
  • Why would Menton stand there in the middle of a cell surrounded by power suppressors rather than escape?
  • Why wouldn't Menton gain control of people like Wildman, standing out in the open, or for that matter the SPARC team sent in after him?

The list goes on. I answer many of these questions by changing the story like I always do. I originally had another idea for getting Cataclysm involved that I won't share here to avoid spoiling things coming up, but the idea I used here actually makes sense. I'm jumping right to the heart of it because none of the other Stronghold missions work for her, though she'd be pretty conflicted about helping the snitch. Plus it fits how the story shapes up in the long run.

I originally had planned to include a bit where Maronni talked about how much being a telepath sucks--nobody trusts you, everyone ends up hating you, you see the ugly thoughts people keep hidden and all that--but I decided it would just be long and whiny. It might make it into next chapter.

Incidentally, when you read that thing about being blind when coming out of Hot Sleep I'm sure most of you thought, "Ha! You stole that from Star Wars." Actually no. My niece has Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI), a vision impairment caused by her brain's inability to process visual signals efficiently. When she was younger and it was more severe, every time she would sleep she would wake up completely blind. It usually took 20-30 minutes before her vision started to work.

Not done yet...