Author's Notes

Crisis In Canada
LEAF [no wiki page, but it's the Logistical Emergency Assistance Foundation, a fictional Canadian disaster relief organization)
Stronghold Supervillain Penitentiary

In case anyone cares, Pyro is in the Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility and some of the information in this chapter is pulled from that page.

We've skipped ahead a lot here. Nothing character-relevant happened in this time so we went from level 18 to level 24, where she will face Stronghold in the next chapter. Contrary to what I seemed to be foreshadowing, she did not go to Snake Gulch in the story, though she did in the game. She also did Atomic Wasteland, Abandoned Research Facility, Project Stein, City Center (Millenium City) and Massasauga Hills (Canada) although again most of those didn't really happen from a story point of view.

Here's a quick summary of her leveling:

  • Level 19 - Outburst 2
  • Level 20 - Conflagration (ranged AOE meant to take care of melee groups, though in hindsight Pyre would probably have made more sense), Fire Breath Spitfire (more Clinging Flames), Make It Count 1 (more damage from Fire Strike)
  • Level 21 - Make It Count 2, Showmanship (+5 EGO, +5 PRE)
  • Level 22 - Field Surge Power Swell (her Active Defense force field gives her a bonus to damage, which fits her personality), Make It Count 3
  • Level 23 - Thermal Reverberation (energy from Clinging Flames), Locus 1 (attacks with AOE eventually lead to Locus Eruption, giving a big burst of Offense and Defense)
  • Level 24 - Field Surge 2, Locus 2

Not done yet.