Author's Notes


Seriously, doesn't Talisman look like she forgot to put on her pants? The rest of her outfit is fine but she's in her panties for crissakes! The images in the wiki are much more reasonable.

The shield Cataclysm used was her Field Surge power.

Cataclysm hit level 18 right as she defeated Talisman. She gets an advantage (Fire Strike 3), a specialization (Outburst 1 - does more damage when energy bar is >90%) and a talent (Diplomatic, +5 INT, +5 PRE). I'm not sure how "diplomatic" she is, but I suppose she's learning to curb her tongue from time to time.

TROPES (partial)
Witchcraft appears as An Astral Projection, Not A Ghost. Later they have a Friendship Moment and switch to a First Name Basis.