Author's Notes

Project Greenskin
Major Gertz
Director Kaufman

Nothing important happened during the Desert Crisis or in the Burning Sands area so I just skipped over them. I'll do that a lot from now on. She did, however, level twice.

At level 16 she got level 3 of Bountiful Chi Resurgence--if you are going to have healing, it's best to have it as high as possible. She also got the specialization Power Overwhelming 2 (more Offense from Super Stats).

Level 17 gave her a new power and I took Field Surge. She's had some bad moments where an "oh crap" power would have saved her life. The shield gives a little more time for BCR to do its work, so really adds to her survivability. This I explain as sort of a "hard fire" she uses to keep out the worst of the attacks, though I don't know if that will ever make it into the narrative. She also got Power Overwhelming 3.

I guess I never mentioned that right before hitting level 15 she got a full set of heirloom gear from my alts. Actually a full set other than Primary Utility, because that piece kind of sucks. It combines the worst stats of the Primary Offense and Primary Defense pieces and, as with all heirloom items, isn't slotted so meh. I kept that space open to give me some flexibility in found loot.

No really obvious ones jump out at me.