Author's Notes

Technically the Fire passive simply gives you really good DR to flame, not total immunity. However I chose to say it gives fully immunity to normal and magical fire because I just like that better, and it sets up this "unwinnable" battle. It wouldn't let her swim in lava or reach into a blast furnace, but it works for stuff like this.

Phew, finally done with the Westside arc. There will be nowhere near this level of detail for the rest of the story. This sequence was important for her transition from a gang-banger to whatever the heck she is now. It was tough for her, coming from a background where the good guys are the bad guys and vice versa. From now on she will find it easier to see who the enemies are. When you have radioactive zombies or rampaging dinosaurs charging towards you, there isn't much of a moral quandary. But that doesn't mean her conflicts are done.

Hi Pan has reached the pinnacle of his Evil Plan but the (anti-)hero has shown up to thwart him. Her Band of Brothers stands with her so it ends up as an Enemy Civil War. She tries to recruit Lord Qi but he says Hi Pan is My Master Right Or Wrong.

After defeating Hi Pan, Cataclysm breaks up the gang fight, winning Victory Through Intimidation. With Zoe headed back to jail Pyro hopes Cataclysm will become the Dragon Ascendent but Cataclysm refuses.