Author's Notes

Hi Pan [though this is NOT the version you fight in this arc]

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to get her involved here without working with the police. I'm still not completely happy with this but it's good enough.

At level 15 she got her final super stat, EGO and picked up the talent Worldly (+5 EGO/REC). She also got Power Overwhelming 1 (secondary stats INT and EGO boost Offense).

I'm going to start putting a lot less effort into this. It takes hours to do a detailed analysis.

Here we have the first of the Cardboard Prisons so common to the superhero genre. This takes the concept of the covering the Great Escape with a Prison Riot to the next level by paralyzing all of Westside. In the battle we have a loose example of Sword Limbo as Gold slides under Cataclysm's fire.