Author's Notes

The Canadian Gang [no wiki page on the prison break open mission]
Ludwig [no wiki page for either the game version or my story version]

Some big changes to the plot here to cover up serious game story issues.

First of all, I'm fine with Ludwig being a Qularr. However the problem I have is that once he was arrested, he wouldn't be shipped off to city jail like any other street thug. He'd be brought up on war crimes or interrogated by UNTIL, or whatever the right agency would be. Since he has to escape from jail later, I needed to change his identity. Buck Murphy is not my own creation. He will be escaping from jail later to resurface in Bunker Buster as the villain Howitzer.

Speaking of jail escapes, WTF do they make the jails out of in this game? Wet cardboard? There is the jail break of the open mission, the jail break where the gang leaders escape, Stronghold (which to be fair is a separate facility), each nemesis you have up to 18 total...are there others I'm forgetting about? I mean for crimeny's sake, fire the damn warden and get someone competent in there. I tweaked on the story here to get rid of one of them but I plan to use those other jail breaks and it's still dang ridiculous.

Did you know at least one of the jailbreak open mission villains is apparently based on a real person? I didn't bother looking at the others but check out for a little info. Since I have no idea what the real characters are like, I made up everything about their history and power bases. Kind of disappointing they are all armed with the same shotgun/taser powers in the jail break.

Again the story is out of order. When I played this mission (the jail break open mission) I was level 11 but for story purposes I'm roughly level 12. I grabbed Readiness 3, the talent Academics (+5 INT, +5 EGO), and the advantage Fuel My Fire on her energy builder Throw Fire. This means more chances of her energy builder doing Clinging Flames. It's only 1 point and CF is the core of the Fire powerset so a little extra chance of inflicting it is worth it. It's really more of a "I have nothing else to spend this point on" than anything else.

Cataclysm is sent against this new gang and says she's going to Do What She Has To Do. Witchcraft gives her usual You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech but also feels it's Dirty Business. The two of them are Red Oni, Blue Oni, the Chaotic Neutral Cataclysm butting up against Lawful Good Witchcraft.

When Cataclysm faces them they avert the idea of Mook Chivalry by not conveniently attacking one at a time. Powerbrawl can crack stone but Cataclysm is briefly Made Of Iron and takes the blow without shattering her leg. When the battle is over she makes sure to live up to her Exact Words and finds a convenient piece of paper that advances the plot.