Author's Notes


I decided not to depict the battles with Iron and Gold since I didn't feel they'd add anything, and she's going to face them again during the prison break.

I didn't bother documenting the fight with Rid Len. The Maniacs don't really care in my version, though they are probably glad Anton is leaving the gang if he's marrying the daughter of a Red Banner.

She was actually level 14 when she did this, but I'm telling the story out of order so let's pretend she was level 11. She got a new power (Concentration), advantage (Fiery Form 3) and specialization (Readiness 2)

You know what's weird? This page gets a TON of hits. They aren't referrals from a site or from a search engine. They appear to be direct links, like bookmarks. There are dozens of different IPs and none of them hit any other page. They aren't spiders but they clearly aren't really people. No idea what's going on, though it bothers me. It seems suspicious I just can't figure out why someone would keep hitting one page.

A tragic romance between Feuding Families. It can be decided only by a Wizard Duel, but Let's Fight Like Gentlemen. At the end Lord Qi gives her a Touche because she was a Worthy Opponent. Pity she didn't know he was planning on Throwing The Fight.