Author's Notes

Cult Of The Red Banner

I'm doing this arc out of order. I need for Zoe to be the fourth gang leader who goes to jail so I decided to do this one early to give more time for the Black Aces arc--which Cataclysm is not handling--to finish.

My original plan was to have Quan leave with her but then they hear about a gang war about to break out so Cataclysm heads out to stop it. She fights Lord Qi in single combat to stop the battle. I didn't, and still don't, plan to have her fight Rid Len or anyone else from the Maniacs. However I really wanted the Blood Swords bit, especially since she faces Iron and Gold again later. Plus I decided to move it earlier, and that means Zoe is still in charge which complicates matters. So I'm doing it like this but (spoiler alert) the swords won't be enough. She's still going to fight Qi.

So why was Cataclysm so worried about a gang war with the Purple Gang she disguised herself, but now she goes in as herself? Because that's what the game did. I don't want disguises to be a routine thing with her. She's proud of her Maniac colors and wouldn't give them up lightly.

Since I'm going this out of order, giving information about her leveling is a little tricky. She was level 9 at the end of the last chapter, level 14 now, and level 10 when she faced Zoe. Confusing, isn't it? Well she has 6 more levels (10-15) during this arc and there will be at least 6 more chapters so let's do one level each.

At level 10 she got her second super stat. Normally I would have taken EGO but that stat was well beyond the target for level 10 even without being made super so I decided to go for INT instead. This ended up changing my perception of the character and so in earlier chapters I made her more studious than I had planned.

She also got her first specializations, these from the END tree. I decided to go for Readiness (END increases equilibrium), Kickback (first non-EB attack after an Energy Builder gives energy), Power Overwhelming (secondary stats INT and EGO boost Offense) and Outburst (damage boost when energy is above 90%). That latter one doesn't get used much in later levels since I tend to be too impatient to let energy build up, but it's certainly something to think about when facing a boss or other tough battle. Note I will take only 2 rather than 3 levels of Outburst.

We have a little Evil Smoking, which gives her the chance to use her Finger Snap Lighter. She and Anton have an I Was Never Here conversation. She acts as a Deadpan Snarker to the Sickeningly Sweethearts because they Taste Like Diabetes.

Quan is the Girl In The Tower. Cataclysm shows up Wreathed In Flames but Quan refuses to go. Cataclysm must follow Red Banner traditions because Even Evil Has Standards