Author's Notes

Kevin Poe

Did you know that "bicep" isn't really a word? Well sort of. "Biceps" is both singular and plural. However "bicep" has been misused for so long, even by professionals, that it appears in many dictionaries as correct though many people argue it is not.

And did you know that, contrary to what many people including me believe, smoke does NOT set off sprinkler systems? It's actually the heat from the fire. I found that out when I used the fire sprinkler thing again in a later chapter but it's not worth fixing now. I mean I could just change it to a smoke alarm, but meh.

I always try to depict Cataclysm as a physically fragile hero. Inferno-type characters are the classic glass cannons--lots of damage but squishy as heck. Cataclysm dies a LOT, often just because I'm not paying attention. It's been a while since I've played someone this fragile. The biggest problem is the trip from "full health" to "dead" is very short so it's often a matter of "Oh, I'm taking damage I'd better...oops I'm dead." At this point I didn't have any self-heal so that makes things a bit harder.

When I went after Poe, I forgot to load up on healing as explained in the story. I got VERY lucky that he dropped a heal during the battle (which was that "fire healed me" scene) because otherwise I would have died and had to try fighting him again until I got lucky. The problem with trying to rush out and buy some healing is that the mission will reset if you are gone for too long.

You realize that Poe, since he can use dark magic, would be classified as having superpowers, so his own bomb would fry his brain. Ah, what would heroes do if villains weren't so flipping stupid?

At level 8 she picked up Fiery Form, which I hinted at in that "cloak of fire" bit. At level 9 she took Fiery Form 2 and the talent Investigator (+5 INT, +5 END).

We start with a literary Binocular Shot. She infiltrates the base by Dressing As The Enemy (game trope rather than mine). It's a Paper Thin Disguise but she claims she's New Meat. Besides, as usual, The Guards Must Be Crazy to fall for that "message from the boss" bit. Inside the bathroom we have The Reveal that it's really her, but that's The Untwist since it was pretty obvious.

When she gets to Talos she makes an Implied Death Threat. He gives her some Techno Babble but then the Telepathic Sprinklers go off. She tells Blatant Lies to the guards and bolts.

In the other Purple Gang base the guard catches her but then is Distracted By The Sexy. This is the first time she's used her fire against human beings (in this narrative anyhow) and it is Hollywood Fire: it doesn't smoke unless I want it to, it doesn't cause horribly painful and disfiguring burns, doesn't light things on fire unless I want to and so on. She fights Kevin Poe in a Container Maze and heals when she Feeds It With Fire.

At the end she is pleased by Witchcraft's praise because, though she'd never admit it, she's looking for the Well Done Son Guy though not as strongly as that trope.