Author's Notes

Frank Zaretti [no wiki page]
Cobra Lords
Wayland Talos

From the first paragraph, you can see I'm doing things differently. Zaretti is already out of the picture before she goes on her first mission, and it wasn't Cataclysm who did it.

I had to sit down and plan out the entire Westside arc before writing any of this. I don't want her to do every mission--in the story at least. In the game she, of course, did everything. But I won't do that here. It doesn't make sense for her to do some of them, and her sole motivation is to protect the Maniacs. I have to have a reason for her to do things, and for some of the mission arcs that's difficult.

So she won't go after the Cobra Lords or the Black Aces herself, though Zaretti and Ludwig will be taken down. The Foxbat missions don't happen. Again she did them in the game, but they won't show up in the story at all. Other arcs will be treated similarly: either they won't be documented, or will show up as news reports.

We are basically glossing over level 6 and 7 missions so talk about leveling here.

At level 6 she took Fire Breath, though in the story I depict it as coming from her arms rather than her mouth. Her travel power is Fire Flight. Primary Super Stat is END because that had the best array of specializations. Her first talent is Daredevil, which boosts END and EGO. It turns out EGO will NOT be her first secondary but I didn't realize that at the time. Besides she'd get this talent eventually anyhow.

At level 7 she got an advantage and I went for Fire Strike 2, in part because I stupidly forgot about Fire Breath

Funny story. She had REAL trouble in the first few missions in Westside--you know the Purple Gang shaking down restaurants. She nearly died every battle. So she managed to get through them and went back to Kodiak to turn them in. I looked through inventory to figure out what she should take as a reward, and I realized she never opened her initial equipment package. She was walking around naked. Once she put on all her initial gear she did MUCH better. Dummy.

We start with an Encyclopedia Exposita and then move into a Fake Action Prologue. I'm sure there's a trope for her fake death but I can't find it. The incident appears to be an Unwinnable Training Simulation but is really a Hidden Purpose Test designed to teach Cataclysm to Take A Third Option.

This chapter is sort of the literary equivalent of the Training Montage. Cataclysm learns some new powers including Not Quite Flight and her new attack which doesn't really have a trope since I've changed it from being a Breath Weapon. The chapter establishes Witchcraft as a Big Sister Mentor and shows their developing Odd Friendship. Witchcraft makes an awkward request that could be considered a Gondor Calls For Aid.