Author's Notes


I'm a little heavy-handed on the character exposition and a little quick to build the relationship with Witchcraft but I want to get to the core story. Next chapter we start the Purple Gang arc in Westside. No game mechanics here since these events are outside normal game play.

There are a couple of story points that go back to the original Cataclysm. Remember that this is a freeform recreation of a silver Inferno character I played to level 40. The original was created well before the new crafting system and tutorial.

When you left the old tutorial you got a choice of several items, each tied to one of the Champions IIRC. One was a charm from Witchcraft. That created the idea in my mind that Witchcraft mentored her and guided her out of her gang life. Since then I've read up a bit on Witchcraft's background and they seem even more compatible. Witchcraft spent some time living on the streets of Vibora Bay, though didn't get into the gang life there. She has family issues. She has to deal with loved ones (though I'm not sure how much she "loves" her sister and parents) involved with a criminal organization. And so on.

The lighter exploding goes back to the old crafting system, where you picked a specialization for crafting. She went Magical Gear (or whatever it was called). My idea was that her instinctive command of fire magic let her get more performance out of fire items and that led to the fire, jail and contact with the Maniacs. As a hero she was an equipment-mage rather than a spell-mage. I tossed out that idea for this version and she will be a straight spellcaster, but I still like the whole exploding lighter story.

After her tough day, Cataclysm returns to Home Sweet Home only to discover (in a conversation punctuated by the Dramatic Gun Cock) she is Persona Non Grata. It's not that Zoe sees her as a Dragon With An Agenda. For Zoe, It's All About Me--Cataclysm's leaving was a personal betrayal.

After being booted out of the Maniacs, Cataclysm wonders So What Do I Do Now? Witchcraft notes her heroics during the invasion in an Arson, Murder and Jaywalking list. Cataclysm responds with Be All My Sins Remembered but Witchcraft responds You Are Better Than You Think You Are. Witchcraft then engages in heavy-handed character exposition and they briefly touch on the possibility of Cataclysm becoming A Pupil Of Mine Until She Turned To Evil.