Author's Notes

Dr. Destroyer
Black Talon

I understand the whole "I'll stand around and do nothing while you fight the supervillain" thing Defender does from a game point of view, but from a story perspective it's pretty stupid. Not to mention how silly it is that a newbie hero can defeat a supervillain sent to stop the Champions. However if they are both heavily damaged and she comes in and tips the balance, then it makes more sense.

Phew! Finally through the tutorial. I won't go into this depth for the whole game but it was important to detail her actions during the invasion because they will have important consequences later. One transition chapter and then we get into the Westside arc.

Cataclysm stumbles into a Melee A Tois. She becomes the Accidental Hero when she Saves The Villain (at least from from her point of view). She arrives during the battle, not so much as The Cavalry but more as the Wafer-Thin Mint that Cherry Taps Black Talon into near defeat. She then gets her Heroic Second Wind and turns Defender into an Equippable Ally.

Defender has annoying habits like Emphasizing Everything which makes this Enemy Mine relationship Teeth-Clenched Teamwork for her. Defender is Captain Oblivious and misses the tension.

During the post-battle festivities, Cataclysm feels like a Fish Out Of Water so leaves. Witchcraft stops her to give her an "I Owe You (Defender's) Life" line but Cataclysm thinks they should Never Speak Of This Again. Witchcraft's offer of help triggers Don't You Dare Pity Me! and Heroic Self-Deprecation, setting up Cataclysm as a Jerkass Woobie.