Author's Notes

Champions Headquarters

I've turned the Champions building. The plaza is actually on the south side but she's coming from the north so I moved it. So there!

Wild Bill, Shenanigans and "Cuisnart" (who is actually named Femme Fatale) are some of my alts, though Shenanigans has been deleted to be replaced by Gadget Girl. No I don't know why I create so many female characters. I always create half male and half female to start and for some reason I end up finding the women more interesting than the men.

"PRIMUS dress berets" was a reference to a scene in the movie "A Bridge Too Far". A besieged soldier risks his life to get some air-dropped supplies. He gets to the container and starts to carry it back to the barricades but is killed by a sniper. The container bursts open to reveal he'd risked his life over a load of berets.

Cataclysm enters The Siege defending against a Zerg Rush. The defenders include The Voiceless, a source of Casual Danger Dialog and a Mechanical Lifeform. Suddenly a truck appears. Is it The Cavalry? No, it's a Hope Spot. As the defenders start to think this is a Last Stand, Cataclysm gives a Rousing Speech and they launch a Death Or Glory Attack to recover the supplies.