Author's Notes

Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez

Again place names are taken off a map of Detroit. They might called something different in MC. I have no real idea what the inside of a city hall looks like, though I can guarantee you it's more complicated than what's in the game. I looked for diagrams online but I couldn't find any, probably a result of living in a post-9/11 (or even a post-Oklahoma City) world where diagrams of government buildings are not as easy to get. Of course after all those suspicious searches I'm probably now on some Homeland Security watch list...

I'm of course taking a few liberties with her powers, like the fact she can shoot bolts from each hand. Dramatic license.

I had to go back and soften her up a bit in this one. She's a hard ass, but she has to be at least a little sympathetic to the reader.

I'm skipping a few tutorial missions--Foxbat, the whole antenna thing, Dr. Silverback and so on. I *did* them but I'm not going to bother documenting them. I'm also tweaking on the actual city layout to suit my needs.

I only discuss the tropes I create, not the ones from the game (e.g. Insectoid Aliens).

We have a non-comedic Face Plant and other injuries typical to a Squishy Wizard, though she doesn't let that stop her because she's too much of a bitch to give up.

Melanie sees Cataclysm as a Terrifying Rescuer. Cataclysm is Creepy Good and her Personality Powers give her a Hair-Trigger Temper. Her clumsy attempt to comfort Melanie and her rescue of the cat are both Pet The Dog moments.

Obviously she's an Anti-Hero but there is a scale of anti-heroes. She's spent the last five years in the Crapsack World of an Outlaw Town, and her life before wasn't much better. She is the Dark Magical Girl: a Broken Bird with a Dark and Troubled Past. At this point she is an Unscrupulous Hero who is starting her Heel Face Turn.