Author's Notes

The Qularr
The Champions

It took me a while to match up a map of Detroit with Millenium City. Among other things, Dr. Destroyer apparently rotated the city. North in Millenium City is northwest on a map of Detroit. I finally matched up that big curve in front of MC's City Hall, which appears to be Park Avenue in Detroit. From there it seemed clear that wide street that runs along the north side of RenCen is Michigan Avenue.

In my version the force fields are absent. They are game mechanisms designed to keep players from wandering the whole city during the tutorial. This meant I didn't have to come up with some flimsy excuse for her to be Downtown. Plus Zoe and some of the Maniacs would have to be there so she could argue.

I'll follow the gist of the tutorial but as you can see I'm making the story my own. She wouldn't work with--and certainly not for--the police so I have to tweak the story a bit. She's going to be really conflicted throughout the Westside stuff.

She's fire based so of course her energy builder is Throw Fire and her basic attack is Fire Strike. No other choices. In order to pick her innate I had to think about what her super stats would be.

EGO is a no brainer for any ranged character, and it fits her strong personality. STR is useless. CON is certainly always nice, but doesn't fit her skinny frame plus she will have bigger problems. I idly considered DEX for criticals and it would fit her physique, but I dumped that pretty quick.

Fire users have energy problems so that implies REC (high equilibrium means a strong alpha strike) and/or INT (lower power costs all around). I normally don't consider slotting END because I consider the benefits to be pretty lousy, but Thermal Reverberation scales off of it. Finally I really wanted PRE, not just for the healing boost but it absolutely fits her character. In later chapters she will show leadership and charisma, particularly as she deals with the gangs, so high PRE would fit.

I analyzed every combination of EGO + two of the above and came to the conclusion that REC, EGO and END would give me tons of energy...and are the super stats for Inferno anyhow. Then I realized that none of the innates work for that. The Inferno boosts END, REC...and DEX??? So the AT's innate doesn't boost all three of their super stats? Silly Cryptic.

So I re-analyzed and decided to go with END primary, EGO and INT secondary because I can choose specializations to get equilibrium from END, offense from EGO and INT, energy from non-EB attacks and better max health. The Impulse is the innate that boosts all three so I chose that.

I plan to boost PRE and REC nearly as hard as I build my super stats. She is starting (after the tutorial of course) with Primary Offense Heirloom gear and will get more from alts later. I don't know if I want a full set since that means you only boost your supers, so I might leave some slots open for other equipment.

During the five years she's been Raised By Orcs, Cataclysm Took A Level In Badass, not to mention turning into Sir Swears-A-Lot. At this point her powers are limited to Hand Blast.

She has become The Dragon to Zoe Loft but has started to see their differences. Cataclysm is a Noble Top Enforcer who supports the Maniacs with a "My Country Right Or Wrong" attitude, while Zoe is more of an Ax Crazy and Ambitious villain who wants to Take Over The City. Sadly, Pyro has turned out to be a Fair Weather Friend...or could this be a Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure?

Cataclysm has lived in a world where Bad Is Good And Good Is Bad so she sees the police as enemies. She is Not In This For Your Revolution. She just wants to defend her Band of Brothers. She is a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold though it's a a Hidden Heart of Gold. She worries about her reputation among the Maniacs but when things get tough she will show that Character Is What You Are In The Dark.