Author's Notes

Zoe Loft [no wiki page]
Westside [aka "West Side"]
Mayor Calvin Biselle [He has a page but Zoe doesn't? Really?]

Yeah, blatant Stripes reference up there.

I like Zoe's old look better than her post-Alert one. The new look is too slick for me so in my mind she still wears her old outfit. I'm unclear if she is supposed to be the leader of all the Maniacs or just a group. In this story she's the leader of all of them.

Almost to the real game.

Cataclysm comes from a Friendless Background so is tempted by Pyro's offer to become a Gang Banger. Her Parental Abandomnent issues make her vulnerable to a Svengali like Zoe Loft.

She has to have an Evil Makeover to fit in this Gang of Hats. She is the Woman In Black in her Rip-Tailored Post Apunkalyptic Armor. She sports Fingerless Gloves, a few Spikes of Villany and a hint of Chained by Fashion. She has Delinquent Hair and makeup that merges the Monster Clown with the White Mask of Doom.