Neverwinter Nights 2 Fiction

The following stories are meant to be "deleted scenes" from the story lines of "Neverwinter Nights 2" and "Mask of the Betrayer". They reflect my final play through of these games. In addition to the obvious goal of describing my particular path through the game, the stories serve other purposes: embellishing companion backgrounds, covering game plot holes, or just adding a little more richness to the overall tale.

Most of the text here is my original work, though there are lines of in-game conversation as well. Frankly in some stories, particularly those from MOTB, even I can't remember what is mine and what is theirs. It's possible some of the shorter pieces are actually all in-game dialog, though I think I've rooted out all suspicious passages.

The overall story is broken out into chapters by location, and each chapter contains several stories which range from a few sentences to several pages. Each story starts with a summary in italics which sets up the scene. The narratives are in chronological order but I don't try to do more than briefly sketch the story in between. The reader is assumed to already know the story of NWN2 and MOTB, and the intros are meant more as reminders than anything else.

The main character is Nyssachrix Wildfire, a 15-year-old human girl with warlock powers, though she doesn't know that's what they are at the start. In game terms she is a special halfling-human hybrid I designed to reflect a small human with some fey blood. She is chaotic good, and has fey skin which turns away most weapons. She hears voices but has never told anyone about them--this reflects the warlock ability Otherworldly Whispers. The voices really hate undead for reasons relating to who the voices really are, which is never fully revealed in the story. However this means Nyssachrix also hates undead, and hunted them around the Mere while growing up.

Everyone in the original campaign except Zhjaeve and Ammon Jerro followed different development paths, some because it fit the story better and others just for the hell of it. This is at least the 8th time I've played the OC and the usual character development gets very boring! I had to relevel some of them at the first meeting to get the right skills and feats.

  • Khelgar - Dwarven Defender - Taken after the monk trails, once I made him Lawful
  • Neeshka - Shadowdancer
  • Elanee - Warpriest - Her growing distance from the Circle means it doesn't make sense she'd stay druid.
  • Qara - Eldritch Knight - Taken after Duskwood
  • Grobnar - Harper Scout
  • Casavir - Divine Champion/Neverwinter Nine - Once Bishop (evil) joins the group, Casavir can't stay paladin
  • Bishop - Assassin
  • Shandra - Favored Soul of Chauntea - There is actually unused text in the dialog files saying she studied with priests in her youth
  • Sand - ASOC - OK, not really but to reflect his own scholarly pursuits, and just to be different

To be blunt, Chapter 1 isn't very good. It's included only for character background. Chapters 2 and 3 are better, but the story doesn't actually start to get good until Chapter 4. I know that's a cop out as an author, but this isn't a real book; it's just fanfic junk.